Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Assalamualaikum and Hello Dr Burn,

Based on our discussion about the ‘8 conditions’ in promoting English Language using technology last week, I would say that there are some points that is being practice at my school and vice versa. As for instance, at my school we did use the facilities offers such as computer lab, lcd, and laptop in teaching our students in the classroom. However, the equipment is not really in a good condition and really limited in usage.

Next, in my opinion, there are some issues that need to take into consideration in using technology as tools in promoting English Language among students. One of the important aspects that need to take into account is regarding the ‘lesson plan’ itself. Sometimes, teachers are not prepared to teach the students as they assume that if they integrate the use of technology (as for instance they bring the students into the cyber lab), they don’t have to teach the students. Instead, the teachers just let the students do anything they want (watching English videos on YouTube, online games, listen to English songs) as they think it is indirectly promoting English Language in a way.  Not to deny it is indeed true, and perhaps a very affective way in learning English which is not in a conservative way. However, by giving 100% freedom to students and also did not assist them at all is not a really good idea. Students did not understand the motive of doing it and just having fun surfing the internet. Teachers need to first let the students know the objective in doing those activities. Inform them that it is one of a good way in learning English apart from reading books, do exercises, etc. In that way, students will acknowledge the purpose of the activities and try to not take it for granted.

In addition, teacher needs to as well be a facilitator and control the students’ behavior trough the whole lesson. Make sure they do what is supposed to do since I’ve noticed most of the students did not follow their teacher’s instruction. In fact, they were doing things that is not related to English at all (watching Malay videos on Youtube – Girl on Kpop artists, Boys- motorcycle/footballs videos, listen to Malay songs,ect).  If the lesson is planned critically, and it did went as what it supposed to be, it will hopefully give a great impact to the students’ acquisition in English Language.

I’m a new teacher and I’m still learning about a lot of things. Hopefully, I would take this as a lesson, as well as guidelines to be a better teacher in future.

This is a true story that happened in schools. Not a myth. 

That is all for now.

Thank you for your time.


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  1. Waalaikusalam Hanisah. Thank you for your blog entry, and I appreciate you telling your story (and, also, I do believe it is a true story). In fact, this kind of story is not uncommon in schools--they are, in fact, quite common. I do agree with you that teachers need to really plan their lessons (probably more so) when using technology in the classroom/lesson. This is because technology is so unpredictable, and students are also unpredictable in their use of technology. As teachers, we must not only teach, but we have to also monitor, assist, guide, and motivate the students all at once. This is very difficult--and yet, there are many instances where we see or know many teachers who can do this (and many who cannot--and complain about things). We need to decide who want to be, and we need to strive to be that person.