Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Assalamualaikum and Hello Dr Burn!

Here goes my second entry, which is about teaching and learning experience in using technology. In term of self learning experience, being a TESL student, there’s a lot of novels that I have to read especially during literature class. To be really honest, I don’t really like to read any classic novels such as Macbeth and The Awakening (which is supposed to be a compulsory reading materials to read on as a TESL student). 

As a solution, I ended up watching movies/videos based on the novel that I found from the internet (Youtube to be precise). I found out that it is a lot easier, which I can identify all the characters, settings and other elements that involved in the novel by just watching the videos/movies without even have to read the novel at the first place.(Hehe)

Next, in term of teaching experience in using technology, I do have several issues in classroom where I managed to overcome the problems by adapting and integrating the use of technology in my lesson plan. In a real classroom setting especially in sub urban area, teaching literature component such as short stories and novels is isn't easy. Most of the students don’t really like to read all the literature books that they are supposed to read (I guess it's karma. Been there that that. Haha). I was assigned to teach two form 4 classes and unfortunately none of them have read the book. In this situation, it is hard for me to conduct the class as they literally don’t know anything about the literature component especially for novel. So I've decided to search for any videos on Youtube based on the target novel and let them watch it together in the classroom.

 Amazingly, as the result, most of the students managed to answer their literature questions well even though they did not read the book at all. I guess the videos shown managed to grab their attention and it is easier for them to remember the storyline and other literary devices because they watch and listen to the videos at the same time. It is a great personal achievement for me because not to mention, apart from they don’t even read the novel at the first place, they are also from the last class with low level of proficiency in English.

That is all for now.

Thank you :)

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  1. Thanks for your second blog entry, Hanisah. It is funny how karma works. But, that aside, you have mentioned an interesting point about the use of computers in education, or in your specific case--YouTube. YouTube is a very good source to find a lot of information and also entertainment. And with YouTube students can learn a lot about literary works that has been produced for movies or animation. And while it makes teaching these text become more easy, we have to think about the wonderful literary elements that are missing in these videos/animation, such as the plays of words and detailed descriptions of the characters' emotions, settings, etc. In other words, we gain a lot from using computer. But what are we losing? Worth pondering about...