Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Hello Dr Burn!

Here goes my ‘research proposal’ for last week’s task.

If I were given a chance to conduct a research that related to Computer Assisted Language Teaching and Learning, I would conduct a research to evaluate the implication on reading fluency in using songs video as one of the teaching tools. First, to be clear, reading fluency  is  defined  as  efficient, effective decoding  skills along with accurate,  rapid,  expressive,  prosodic  oral  reading  that  allow  students  to  comprehend  texts ,(Pikulski,  2006). Basically, the aim of this research would be to determine if there are any significant differences in reading fluency with and without using songs video as one of the teaching tool in ESL classroom.

The participants that will be involved in this research are students from the school where I am currently teaching, which is Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sertik, Karak, Pahang. There are 50 participants aged 14 years old (Form 2) from two different classes that will be used as the participants in this research.

Both classes will be using different treatment in this research. One class will only learn reading skill using the conventional way, which is to read out loud from a printed text, 'barking to a text'. On the other hand, the other class will be learning reading skill using the traditional way as well as with the integration of songs video complete with lyric that will be shown during the lesson. The treatment will be held for 2 months for both classes. The same person/teacher will teach both classes to ensure that he/she aware of the different method that will be applied for both classes.

After 2 months of treatment, participants will sits for an examination that was designed specifically for the purpose of this research. It is not a written test but it is more towards interview test where participants needs to read several materials provided to determine their reading fluency after involved in the 2 months treatment. However, participants will be first put in the same room to ensure that the evaluator will see no difference among the participants and to avoid bias. As for instance, if the evaluator aware the kind of treatment used for each participant, they might tend to give their own judgement or perception that will indirectly affect the result of the interview, yet the research itself.

In the nutshell, in my opinion, songs video is actually a great tool to be used to in the classroom in order to enhance and strengthen reading fluency among students. Teaching reading skill doesn't mean that educators can only use the conventional way of teaching, instead there are many ways that can be used in order to attract students’ attention towards the lessons.

That is all for now,

Thank you.

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  1. Thank you for your blog entry, Hanisah. It seems like you have pinned this research quite narrowly and that you know exactly what you want to do. To be honest, there are a lot of research in Malaysia on reading skills--but not so much on a quasi-experimental or experimental research that involves intervention. That said, this research has a lot of potential and is much needed in the Malaysian education right now. Probably you can start with this research for your PhD.